A New Way to Raise Money While Saving on Group Hotel Booking

We at Inspire.World continue to innovate fundraising in order to serve you – our clients and potential clients – even better. We know when you are charged with fundraising for an event or your child’s sport or club you are juggling many other activities as well. You can now raise money booking group hotel rooms for your next event. We know you need a fundraising solution that is simple and effective.

Our new robust hotel program is just that – simple and effective!

  • Inspire.World offers great discounts booking rooms at more than 860,000 hotels worldwide
  • Earn 50% of the profits on every Group Hotel Room that is sold
  • No more searching for competitive rates or answering questions about where to stay
  • We provide an automated process that takes care of attendee reservations for you
  • Inspire.World will set-up a customized, branded hotel booking website for your cause for FREE

For example, say the entire team is traveling out of state for a tournament or competition. All you need to do is to connect with our customer service professionals so we can help you secure rooms at a group discounted rate. In addition, the individuals traveling – team and family members – can secure airfare and car rental as well, while raising money for your cause. 

Inspire.World will quickly build a free customized website for your child’s team or your event, in order for those traveling to book their travel. We make it easy for you to simply provide a few details: a team or activity logo, photo, and a point person for the website build.

We understand that the key to getting your supporters to use your group’s new website is to have it instantly recognizable to your friends and family when you or your child shares the website link with others. Then, they will be more likely to use the website to compare hotel rates with 50% of the profits going back to the team with each booking.

We also recognize the importance of making it easy for you to distribute to your family, friends or event attendees. You want to be able share a link to the website via email, text, or social media so people can immediately compare travel costs and make their arrangements.  And ideally you’d like them to make repeat bookings – for individual travel needs, so that when your friends, family and attendees are securing reservations on the website for trips they most likely are planning, you are raising revenue for your cause 24/7/365.





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