Fundraise with a Robust Online Shopping Site

To serve you  --  our clients and potential clients better – Inspire.World has spent time improving and simplifying our fundraising offering. We recognize that many individuals charged with fundraising for their child’s sports or activities are very busy people. We know you want a fundraising solution that is simple and effective.

Our newly, robust online shopping site offers more everyday household products for your friends and family to shop for their daily needs and at the same time have 50% of the profit go to your cause. We’ve built an e-commerce platform that offers more than 25,000 products at a good value and always with free shipping.

We make it easy for you to simply provide a few customized details for your free, customized, online site: a team logo, team photo, and point person for your site build. We understand the key to getting your supporters to use your shopping site is to have it instantly recognizable to your friends and family when you or your child shares the URL with others and encourage them to shop.

We also recognize the importance of making it easy for you to distribute. You want to be able share via email, text, or social media so people can immediately shop and your cause can immediately earn money. And they will ideally make repeat purchases so that when your friends and families are shopping for everyday items, you are raising revenue for your cause 24/7/365!  





What fundraiser allows donors to give & get...